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Feb 10, 2013 6:15am EST
their mission see a to for my we start measuring co2 per person for our co2 per housel because there's a certain number of us. if you look at say two per household the red and the green just flip. absolutely change places. and by far the healthiest place you could is in the city. manhattanites burned a third of the fossil fuels of people in dallas for example. to use a third electricity. why? their heating and cooling their neighbors, their apartments are touching. even more important than that mostly the less driving they are doing. transportation is the greatest smoke contributor to most civilians greenhouse gas. in our daily lives the biggest choice which may, when i build my house in washington, d.c. i make sure i cleaned the shores -- the shelves on the sustainability store. i got the bamboo flooring. i have a wood burning stove that supposedly a log burning in my wood burning stove contributes less co2 to the environment than if it were left to decompose in the forest naturally. but, of course, i have the energy saver like all. the energy saver labels saved as much electricity, or i should
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1